All components, ready for injection
All components, ready for injection

Design and Development of a Dual-Chamber Syringe

By Professor Daniel Bar-Shalom (School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Copenhagen)

How it works

1 – Plungers, assembly and filling

The front part of the inner plunger is mounted onto the outer plunger, defining a ”vial” into which the dissolved drug is filled. Then, the drug is freeze-dried around the rod.

2 – Syringe assembly and solvent filling

The rear part of the inner plunger joins the front part, sealing the drug under vacuum, and a lock immobilizes the inner plunger. The plunger assembly is inserted into the body of the syringe, the vehicle filled into the front chamber and the needle sealed.

3 – The end-user handling

The user removes the lock and moves the inner plunger in and out repeatedly, the perforated disk on the plunger facilitates dissolution. Then, the lock is returned and the needle unplugged.